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Company: $5 Million Annual Revenues Professional Services Firm

MinowCPA Client Building

The Situation

MinowCPA was referred to a professional services firm that was ailing due to low margins, heavy administrative expenses, and deteriorating cash flow.

The Engagement

MiinowCPA was initially engaged on an introductory consulting assignment to help control the administrative expenses. After a $10,000 engagement, MinowCPA was able to reduce administrative costs by more than $130,000.

After this engagement, MinowCPA expanded its relationship with the client to be an outsourced CFO for 2 years. During the period of this expanded engagement, Adam worked with the President of the Company to implement a value-based pricing strategy. Prices for services were increased by an average of 25%.

Additionally, Mr. Minow implemented an annual budget to transition certain management and control functions from the President of the Company to a more decentralized management team.

The Results

Client has established profitability, increased it’s cash flow & expanded its banking relationships which has not only allowed the company to operate smoothly, but also increased employee satisfaction.

Company: $30 Million Annual Revenues General Contractor

The Situation

MinowCPA was requested to come in to help a general contractor firm with major sales and use tax issues.

The Engagement

MinowCPA was tasked to help develop strategies to minimize C Corporation double taxation.

During the course of rectifying the various tax issues, MinowCPA provided the first ever compiled financial statement for the Company in order to obtain a Nevada Contractors license.

Soon after, MinowCPA continued to provide value for the firm, advising the company on a Timberline implementation while also obtaining a line of credit.

The Results

The company  has rectified all major tax issues allowing it the freedom to also increase its line of credit.

MinowCPA Client Facility

Company: $10 Million Annual Revenues General Contractor

The Situation

MinowCPA was referred by a banker trying to provide a new line of credit to the mentioned company. The banker need assistance to clean up the financials so that the bank could underwrite the transaction.

The Engagement

To start the engagement, MinowCPA first helped clean up the financials by providing the company it’s first compiled financial statement.

Mr. Minow met with bankers and surety, which then led to him converting the company’s tax from cash to percentage of completion tax basis.

The Results

MinowCPA doubled the company’s line of credit from $250K to $500K, increasing the company’s bonding capacity.

The general contractor saw growth from $7 million to $10 million.

Company: $8 Million Annual Revenues Construction Management Firm

The Situation

This particular company was a start up firm that needed guidance from MinowCPA in a multitude of areas.

The Engagement

Among the many aspects of the client relationship, MinowCPA provided IRS representation on an IRS payroll tax dispute. Mr. Minow then implemented QuickBooks and prepared all tax returns on behalf of the company.

MinowCPA defended the shareholder tax audit, met with attorneys to assist with incorporation documents and finally met with bankers to help the company obtain a line of credit.

The Results

The startup construction management firm has grown from a revenue of $1 million in 2013 to $10 million in 2016.

Client from MinowCPA