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The MinowCPA Process To Value Creation

At MinowCPA we’re not your typical tax preparation firm.

We become highly entrenched in your business to understand your unique operating environment of your business. We understand people, systems & processes and your unique service in order to develop financial & accounting solutions to create value for the business.

In a complex business environment, clients need a financial adviser who can provide clarity in the most high stakes of decisions. Adam’s active presence with each clients allows MinowCPA to tap a higher level of business. Whether its a billion dollar private equity conducting another acquisition or bankers who are having problems with clients, Adam is the 1st call made.

It’s not just preparing tax returns or doing the financials; MinowCPA thrives in providing some of the most more complex business decisions:

  • Acquiring Another Company
  • Dealing with Complex Pricing
  • Pricing a New Product
  • On-boarding on Employees
  • Minimizing Cost Issues

This is all accomplished through superior data analysis and a focused effort on understanding your business.

It’s all about balance. By immersing ourselves into the company, partnering with owners and understanding client needs, MinowCPA is always creating value.