Adam Minow

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18 Nov 2017

2017 Tax Planning in the Trump Era of Tax Reform

As we make our final approach towards closing out the tax year, business owners should be mindful of their business performance even more so due to the impending changes to our tax laws.  Both President Trump and the Senate have proposed their own versions of plans to overhaul our tax system. While both make radical claims to reduce taxes for all, they appear to do little more than lower the tax rates at the expense of eliminating many deductions that business owners, the wealthy, and even the middle class rely on to lower their tax bills. This article does not go…

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04 Aug 2017

The CPA’s Role in Upgrading Construction Accounting Software

A local residential builder in a fast-developing area saw business grow substantially for the past few years. He hired more employees, expanded his fleet of equipment and even redesigned the signage on his job sites. One morning, his longtime bookkeeper asked to meet with him. She encouraged his continual investment into the business but wondered whether he might turn his attention from the field to the office. Time For A Upgrade She’d been working with the same accounting software for a decade. “Don’t get me wrong,” she said. “It still works, and everyone knows how to use it.” But the…

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